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Re: prices of junkbeach-boy

From: Jason in Utah
Email: sas
Remote Name:
Date: November 16, 2003


I know how you feel. I can't find a simple sending unit for my '59 Savoy's gas tank unless Ii want to pay anywhere from 100-300 dollars, or there's the option of refurbishing the stupid thing for $125 plus shipping,(sidenote, I greatly appreciate those here who've tried to help me find the parts i need) I'm 24 trying to get a house and have another project truck plus my daily driver needing attention, I can't afford this crap. I'm not selling them either!!what do I have to do, wait until I'm 60 to afford it? I'm a car lover and would like to be able to drive the damn thing, not just have it in a trailer or the garage and pull it out once a year. my 2 cents. Jason


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