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Re: Early bird gets the worm! True. + lots of patience/persistence

From: alumcan
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Date: November 17, 2003


Roger, DO NOT give up, because of the outragious parts/parts cars/car prices. It took me 8 years of persistant collecting/mashing 'loomnum' cans, before I cashed in 2 and 1/4 tons, and finally was able to buy my Harley! That was in '97. In '89, I was in one of WV's famous twisty two lanes, when I stumbled onto a genuine running '58 300-D for a measly $800! (frame was almost rusted in two. Reason it was parked '82) In '92 I found a better 300 body. For better than 4 YEARS I searched/bugged every yard/person/publication, looking for a Chry/DeS Convt parts car, to 'make' this 300 into a 'vert. In '01, 22 others and I got 'shit canned' at work. I had 25 years in. (still no steady pay. Too old to be hired, other than for minumim wage) One of the 'auto for sale' sites I happen to stumble into, here for sale, was one of the 'Holy Grail', or highly 'wished for' of the FwdLk vehicles! A '58 Belvy Convertible! Price wasn't too bad either! NOT up there in the mid 5 digits like normal! Aw, this must be a misprint! (you know, one of those 'to good to be true' situations) So, I skipped on the ad. After a fitful night's sleep, I found the site again, and E-mailed the seller, more out of couriosty. The car was in Canada. Plus, it was a 'factory' three on the tree car! Two days, and no responce. Wifey pointed out that there was a money conversion between Canada and the US $'s. With that differnce, I almost had his asking price! I could AFFORD this car! So, to hell with E-mail, I called. I was the first caller! Other than a bunch of pictures, I bought this car sight unseen. It took from June 12, (when I/seller agreed on a price) untill the last week in August (when we drove up to Nova Scotia to get it), before that car was in my garage. There are a LOT of old, UGLY (experienced) people (plus a few gray bearded, corotchity old bikers) on this board. Sometime between late '99 (when I came aboard) and '02, I 'vented', out of flustration, like you, about the SAME thing, several times! You have some VERY WISE suggestions, from several others' suggestions/storys. Jerry Reid sez, "Hang in there Son". Your 'dream car' will practily fall into your lap, when you least expect it! Good Luck


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