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Re: Torsion Bar Data Needed

From: John Serkaian
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Date: November 17, 2003


Thank you Herman for the feedback. I'm new to this web-site and I'm just starting to research information in preparation for a restoration/hot-rod upgrade to a 1961 Fury I've owned since 1974. I share the frustration in trying to get technical information from DCX. I work for an OEM supplier and it seems like they purged all of their obsolete files and records when they moved from Highland Park to Auburn Hills in the early 1990's. Even their engineers get frustrated when blueprints and records from recently cancelled programs get "lost." I wanted to upgrade the chassis of my Fury and compare it with the post-1962 designs but such an analysis is a lost cause. "You're on your own" with an early Mopar so I'll pass along any new information once I devote the time to actually start my project.


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