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Re: 727 interchangability/shift linkage

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: November 19, 2003


There is no provision for the cable shifter in later tranys, no place to mount it. There is kit that can be used to adapt the cable to a later lever shift case trany, but it is not very reliable, if my info is correct, and if it goes out of adjustment you risk loosing the trany. But if you really want to go this route, I will see if I can find the info on it. Otherwise, if you use a late 727 (post 65) you will need to go with a after market shifter mounted somewere so the lever on the trany can be used. You will be ahead of the game, in my way of thinking, if you find a cable shift case in the frist place (does not have to be the truck trany).


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