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Rear ends...

From: Kelly
Email: 325
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Date: November 20, 2003


Hey guys...The dodge has been at the shop for the past week, because of the brakes. (I have had so much with school and work lately-I had someone else do it) I had a new M/C ('71 cuda disc brake)put on and a stoplight switch. The car either does on or two things--When the pedal is adjusted, the front discs grab, or when it isn't the pedal pulsates. The discs aren't fried, and I just had the drums cut as well. I think that the rear drums are warped, because I had the hubs pressed out and studs changed, so that I don't need a puller to get the drum off (I will if I want the hub off though). I am thinking however, that the drums are warped because of that. The rear ends are the same as a B or E body, right? If that were the case, couldn't I get a dana with a lower gear ratio ( yes, lower than 3.15)-I am on the freeway a lot and 0-60 means nothing to me) with updated brakes that don't need reshoing every six months? If so, would a seventies coronet wagon with 2.76 gears be a great candidate? Could I use a rear off of a late seventies or early eighties Magnum/Diplomat/Fury that could readily accept C-body 12" drums, or later on, Porsche big reds all round( maybe by way of modified aftermarket rear disc kits)? I realize that might p*ss off purists by that, but this is just a mechanical extension of my own ego. I need it to perform in daily life more than on a concours show circuit. Thanks. Kelly


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