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Re: prices of junkbeach-boy

From: Allen Malanowski
Email: amalanowski(ata)
Remote Name:
Date: November 20, 2003


Some times it is best to park a resto almost complete and come back to it later- my 56 plymouth 2 door belvedere (277 w factory WCFB) comes to mind. I haven't had the time to get the chrome done and put it all back together for the last several years- but the fresh paint, fresh motor and all of the parts guarantee that when I do get back to it, it will be worthwhile. PS I had it stripped, straightened, and a beautiful turquoise and dark blue original paint applied for $2,200 in 1995. Done by a body shop guy on weekends at his house in the woods of Northern Arizona- it took him eight months part time, but the end product is definitely worthwhile. As for value, I ain't selling. I am only 37 and I can play with it the rest of my life- the only thing I am going to do this winter is put the seatbelts in and tackle the rear brakes. Be patient- I have a two year old and he takes my primetime.


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