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Valve train lifter noise at acceleration 392 hemi

From: Mike Austin
Remote Name:
Date: November 22, 2003


OK, I rebuilt the top end again and went back to all original hydraulic non-adjust rockers and custom pushrods cut to spec. The Engine idles great with no noise from the lifters at 650rpm. but as soon as you start to rev the motor the lifter noise comes and goes at different rpms. The cam is a 108 center lobe with a .050 lift and 290 duration. Its a RV grind. I had 10w 30 and switch to a 15-40 no change in noise. It seems like the ramp might be to steep for the lifters but it doesnt make since to me. The old mopar manual says if airation occurs in the oil system lifter noise can come and go. I am stuck. Like I said runs and sounds great at idle and oil pressure is good. ANY IDEAS OUT THERE?


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