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Continued Ignorance or what to ask for, for Dec 25.

From: Lars
Email: beep beep
Remote Name:
Date: December 01, 2003


Anyone remember how it was before they knew anything bout cars yet had one and tried to work on it? The car stopping but U knew there was gas in it and how to get it moving cause U hadda be home in an hour? And you walked to the Western Auto to buy a new fuel pump? ANd walked a mile back? ANd put it on with borrowed wrenches? But you didnt cause you found there was only ONE bolt holding the fuel pump on and it was very loose...... Or poking around under the hood and finding a THING that rattled and had nothing hooked to it so you took a hammer and banged it off? And a couple years later found it was functional, the counterweight for the heat riser setup to warm the intake manifold when it was cold??? Theres a H _ _ _ of a lot of these kind of things posted here, seems like many of the readers need to find a couple of car buddies locally that are NOT ignorant, or at least only partly so. Maybe then they could get their Fo Ward Look carz fixed so they are not a hazard to themselves or others. Ask Mom, Dad, or Kris Kringle to get you a couple of books for Christmas- a Shop manual for your car and a MoToRs manual covering the range of years that contains your car. OOOps Dont forget tools!!!! Its rumored they are required to DO that work shown in the manuals. THEN write the list about your successes. Time to become REAL Forward Look owners and fixers, not wanna bee's!!!!!! Been there done that there is no other way. Hope Kris Kringle is good to you........


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