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Re: Way to be a jerk

From: Jason in Utah
Email: sas
Remote Name:
Date: December 01, 2003


Well actually he didn't, Roger H did even though we were arguing. And that doesn't excuse Lars post just because he responded to my post, not that I'm ungrateful for that but, he offended a lot of people. I don't need to ask permission before posting a question. Going back you could also read some of his other posts and see what I mean. I'm offended at his comments. He makes it sound like noone can ask a question, sure I could call long distance every time and ask my grandfather how to fix everything I don't understand or haven't had experience in but, that gets expensive quick. we need to be able to ask questions without fear of getting chewed out or berated. Lars wasn't too friendly about my axle post either. he has a tendency to treat people like they're stupid. I'm not the only one posting about his rant either. no offence Sid your right he did try to answer, but he still acted like a jerk posting what he did. thats all I feel I need to say. Jason


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