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Pursuing Trivial Feces

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: December 02, 2003


Well, just be thankful that you guys can talk SMACK, (OK: vent yer spleens) on this site!! On the "FWDLK" daily-email-board, we had several not-quite-FWDLK-MoPar discussions going, for about a week, til Fearless Leader came-on, and formally repremanded us, for exhibiting 'childish' behavior and/or humor, and/or DISPARAGING IMPORTED CARS [gasp!] --what "gets" me, is that YOU-GUYS get to trash each-other, on a continuing/daily basis, & yet we-all, "over-there", have to act like we're in MoPar Church, every-day, and ONLY adhere to the liturgy of Holy-MoPar (verses: 1955 - 1961). "We" are like the Rotary Club, over-there; ya'll are like the Friars Club, over here!!--you're more FUN, lemme tell ya!! Neil Vedder


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