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Re: Ancestry - Hemis to LAs

From: Jeffc
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Date: December 02, 2003


Add a note to the list on the A blocks....... from 62 to the last poly A blocks 66 (67 Canada) share most bottem end parts with LA engines; exception being cam, rods, 360crank and pistons.... ( though some can be made to fit in the A block)..... Only the Plymouth A block made the long track to 67, all other poly engines were discontinued with in a year of the end of the early hemis (Dodge 326 is a one year only poly based on the Plymouth block) Plymouth never had a hemi engine till the intro of the RB 426. For the most part the LA block is light casting of the Plymouth A block, after having the 2 side by side, stripped, you can see the relation.


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