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Re: 1959 Canadian Dodge

From: Jim Helm
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Date: December 03, 2003


I own a 1959 Canadian Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 2-door hardtop. It looks just like the US version but has many idiosyncrosies that make it uniquely Canadian (Chryco accessories, different paint colors, etc.) Mine is 100% original and sort of like a time capsule. I love it! I believe that the Custom Royal was the only Canadian Dodge built in '59 that looked like the US built cars. All of the other Canadian models used a combination of US '59 Plymouth and '59 Dodge sheetmetal--it looks weird to those of us in the US. There was an issue of the WPC club magazine quite a few years ago that focused on 1959 Dodges, and it included information on the Canadian Dodges (Mayfair & Regent?). I believe that you can contact the WPC club and order a back issue of that item. Good luck. Jim


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