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Re: cable shift, 65 last year cable shift case

From: chuck lowe
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Date: December 04, 2003


THANKS GUYS FOR ANSWERING MY POST---i'm not supposed to know the answer to that question paul---but yes---mine is try---but here in west virginia we don't push em (DON'T WANT TO MESS UP THEM SHINEY BUMPERS)---we pull em with MULES---the tricky part is tradin a matched set that can do over 34mph.---for them faster-bigger-better ones---you have to get em from eurupe---hit 35mph. in a heart beat---even then it can be a little tricky---being a bastardized horse and all they don't come with any of those fancy books or manules---you got to figre out them tricks or ask a neighber or freind---might take a little while---but bein americans-you know what they say---we got to much free time anyways---BUT NOT WITH THEM DANG MULES---got to go one of ems kicking the blazes out of the side of my car---later---chuck lowe


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