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1957-58 Plymouth 2X4 bbl poly questions

From: Jone
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Date: December 04, 2003


Here comes a whole bunch of questions about 1957-58 Plymouth 2x4 bbl 318 poly engine. Question is mainly just about the details. But I think that all the Forward Look restorers know that doing plenty of painstaking archeological research and finally finding answers you’ve been seeking for is giving you a great gratification – and that is the spice of this hobby -or way of life. 1. How was the color of the valve covers of those '57 Plymouths (Belvedere, Savoy, Plaza) which were equipped with optional Fury engine? Were they also gold painted like on Fury’s or silver like on the other “standard” V8's? 2. Was the tone of gold on the '57 Fury air cleaners and valve covers the same like on 1958 Fury's (with 318 poly)? 3. Did the gold paint which was used on Fury air cleaners and valve covers match to those of Dodge D-500's or Chrysler 300's? 4. Where is the ignition coil originally located on the 2X4 bbl poly engine? I have seen a '57 Fury with coil installed vertically on the right inner fender and also pictures of a '58 Fury with coil bolted on the right side of the rear carburetor (facing firewall). I just wonder if any of you had a picture of either (or both) of those coil brackets. 5. I have been also wondering what kind of material is that strange looking rear carb choke heat tube – is it really asbestos? Is there any core tube inside of it and what material that could be? 6. And for the last (finally - you say) a question about the ignition vacuum advance tube from the rear carb to the distributor: is it made of some kind of plastic or nylon (and which color?) or is it originally a metal tube. Many Thanks Jone


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