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Re: DO NOT SANDblast!

From: 61hawk
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Date: December 05, 2003


It's a Catch-22 situation, if you can find someone who knows what they're doing I'd say go for it. If you are unsure whether or not they can do it have them sandblast all of the parts that can't warp and the edges of the big panels, then chemically strip the big flat sections. The guy I used has 20+ years in the sandblasting business and personally does most if not all of the classic cars that come to his location. Metal can be shrunk or worked to not oil can... it's a bitch to do but it can be done. My driver's door on my Hawk oil-canned because of a dent/crease in it but with a couple hours of work we had it strong and straight as new and no longer oil-canning.


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