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Re: diks-u-narry

From: alumcan
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Date: December 06, 2003


GOOD GRIEF!! You tell me to go write stories or do poems!? You're the one using all of the BIG words! I had to get the 'diks-u-narry' out to see what in the world you were talkin' about! I didn't know if you were cussing me out in some differnt kind of weird language, or giving me compliments? THANK YOU for the kind words! I DO tell it like it is/the way I see it. The reason I guess there were so many wars back then! (many didn't understand me) I guess, I give out information I have 'lernt' over the years, the way I would want that information given back to me. VERY detailed! For every GOOD item, there is also a bad item, I like to give out BOTH, so that person can decide the 'pros/cons' of that information. Same way with modification. Or,,,,'bastardization' as some call it in the posts down there. For every item you modify/bastardize/improve,,,,,THREE items 'related' to that one modified item, will ALSO have to be upgraded. Harley-Davidsons are the same way. Say, you want to get into a item to take it off, say, to,,,, chrome plate it. Well, THREE items have to be removed just to be able to get to the first item you wanted to chrome. The saying, ",,,,the bike is tore down all over the floor." So, yes I'm VERY long winded in my stories/explainations, but, It's MY way of trying to explain a situation/awnser in it's entirety. Thank you. Now I gotta go get new hats! Head swelled up a size,,,,


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