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Re: Getting it UP Hangs down!?

From: alumcan
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Date: December 13, 2003


You say they (the 'bend-em-up' exhaust place) deliberty bent the exhaust UNDER the center link!? You had to run the torsion bars UP for ground clearance,,,,?? Were YOU there to approve of this!? Good grief! If the bend-em-up guy said that is the only way he could do it. He's NO tubing bender! All he must know, is how to hang Chevy tail pipes. He must be breathing to much smoke off that smoke grinder, I was talking about up there. Exhaust pipes were bent from the factory. There is NO reason why some compentent shop still can't bend you new 'correct' twice pipes on your Chry, for under 5 'Ben Franklins!' I got just under $400 something in a COMPLETE, from the exhaust manifolds to the chrome tips, DUAL exhaust on a mile long Cadillac Hearse! OM hangers and all! Most bend-em-up muffler shop benders can't bend a complet perfect 180 degree 'U'. Because of that, I had to buy tailpipes allready prebent. Since '77 to '93 Cadillacs never had factory duals, the OM single exhaust tailpipe part # was the same as the single exhuast tailpipe # for the '92 up Grand Marke/Crown Vic, and '91 to '96 Caprice. Well if that was the same #, then the Impala SS, Caprice/Crown Vic Cop cars with dual exhaust, the tailpipes will then fit the Cad. Go find another shop that will correctly custom bend both sides! It's NOT THAT tight from your motor/T-bars/trans/rear cross member! You wanna see TIGHT! Go look at a Convt!


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