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I finally recieved mny 1957 Plymouth Savoy!

From: Joey Ramirez
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Date: December 22, 2003


I finally receive my car. Like most people I was happy to finally have her home and I was also sad. Happy because I always wanted a car with fins and super styling. Sad because the state this car was in. Transmission was full of crud and on the front passenger side. Looked the car over had alot of rust thru down the lower parts of the car front to back. Rocker panels are need from front door to rear bumper including dog legs. Engine was unmounted on car. I will need a hoist to get it out. Anyone have one? Today I will take out the interior, seats and mat to see how many panels I need to replace as of now I know replacements are needed for the front drivers and passenger sides. I pann on removing the engine and front clip although I believe I want to sabd the front clip before removeal. I read a book titled: Mordern Technques For Automotive Restoration and found it quite helpful. In it the car being restored is removed from frame using a engine hoist and putting it on sawhorses one side at a time. I belive this is what I want to do but I would like to blast the frame and the under carriage of the car. Can I do this all at once or can the garages do each one seperately and then put it all together? Do you think a small media blaster the on offered by JC Whitney do the job? Email me at my address for any helpful advice. Thanks for your help! Joey


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