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Re: I finally recieved mny 1957 Plymouth Savoy!

From: deaner
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Date: December 22, 2003


Here is what you do not do. Start taking the car apart the first thing. You need to study it over and over. You need to spend a lot of time taking photos of the guts of the car, vidio tape every thing, over and over, set up a file system to remove nuts, bolts, parts. put notes in the parts bags.Are you going to remember in 2 years which bolts, fitings, etc hold the dash panel in place? let alone the color and fonish of the bolts?same with all the parts. You also need to befriend some one with a like car for a future road map, purchase a service manuel, And then perhaps start taking it apart. Pay some one to do your media blast, it is a cheap investment and time is money. Gool luck and have a life time of fun and joy with the fin. It is art you know.


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