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Thoughts about self rebuild of powerflite transmission!

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: January 09, 2004


Hank you might be able advise me here, you have assisted me alot espically with my transmissions worries. On ebay there is an powerflite seal kit on offer. Do you think it would be advisable or near impossible to service the transmission myself. I know this is a stupid question obviously you don't know my experince, but I have rebuild a few engines before, etc and are pretty handy. but are these transmissions very tricky and best left for an experienced rebuilder? Also with the whining noise at about 50mph just on the gas not off or hard on ( from the gearbox ) you mentioned it is probably the planetry gears. In the service manual it mentions freeplay in the gear set and there are specific washers or spacers if you like in three different thickness. are they available and would that probably fix the issue? By all means anybody may comment on here! The tranny doesn't have reverse all all but forward gears seem ok I think the seals are gone and the converter does leak down as mentioned. I guess after rambling on here. Am I a fool for thinking on changing all the seals etc myself and if you think I should is there a complete seal kit available and where? sorry for all the questions


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