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Aluminum-case Pushbutton 727's

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury>at<
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Date: January 10, 2004


1962-64 727's use pushbutton valve bodies that are compatible with the RND321 shifting of 1956-61 Torqueflite dashboard pushbuttons (the cable from same will directly connect to the trans.). The 1962-64 pushbutton valve body can also be installed in a 1965 727 (those shift with a RND321 lever, but still use a shift cable like the pushbutton units). Some 1964 727's (ie. Sport Fury,Polara 500) came with floorshifts, those have RND321 levers instead of pushbuttons. One thing to keep in mind is that 1962-65 727's do not have the selection of aftermarket parts taht you would find for 1966-up 727's, BUT they are still a notable improvement over the cast iron A-466 Torqueflites in weight, performance potential and general parts availability.


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