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Re: A body Vs. B body trans

From: Tom Noonan
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Date: January 11, 2004


Tim: You do not mention the year or model of your car. However, for 1957 and 1958 Plymouths the 'A' body 833 is a good choice. Depending on the bell housing spacer used, the rear mount bolt holes are only about 2" forward of the original. A plate with the properly positioned holes easily takes care of this (using the original style rear mount). The shifter position on the 'A' with respect to the seat is also good. However, you will have interference problems if the seat is moved far forward. The easiest solution is to customize one of the old Hurst custom shifters (you need the stick to go forward, then back). Standard Hurst shifter body and rods will work with no modification required. Use the "close" throw hole in the 3rd/4th shifter arm to keep the shifter throw short and away from the dash. The speedometer cable also clears OK. Of course, you will need a custom driveshaft, and you will no longer have the old parking brake.


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