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Re: Engine Swap from 325 Poly to 354 HEMI in 58 Dodge

From: Mopar Randy
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Date: January 15, 2004


I once bought a 57 Dodge wagon in which the previous owner had tried to replace the 325 hemi that was there with a 354 hemi from a 56 Chrysler. When I got the car, the engine was sitting on the steering center link. It seemed to be on its engine mounts as well, so there may be a physical size consideration in that conversion. Beyond that, the general fit in the compartment was TIGHT. All the brackets and pulleys were different, and the radiator would not go in because the fan was in its way. I would suggest taking careful measurements prior to "dropping" the 354 in. It will bolt to the existing torqueflite, however, which is about the only good thing to be said about such an undertaking. Another consideration is the additional weight of the 354. It's a bit heavier than the 325, so expect to be very nose heavy if you do the coversion. Even though I chose to keep my 325, I did use the wagon's torsion bars, leaf springs, and brakes on my 57 sedan with favorable results. Good luck, Mopar Randy


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