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Re: Third member swap

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: January 17, 2004


Very easy swap and yes you can do it yourself, Pull drums, undo the nuts holding in the axles, pull out the axles, undo the nuts holding the u-joint, undo the nuts holding the 3rd member in the axle housing..... reverse order to install, note, always install a new inter axle seal ( the ones in the axle housing, slide hammer with a hook works good to remove them) and regrease old bearings before installing. Set axle lash and your done................ Now for the only hang up you may run into, if there is no floater pin in the center of the 3rd member to hold the axles apart in your 489 sure grip ( mostly with late Auburn units that came in vans and trucks), then you will need to install the green bearings on the axles ( you should be able to see the pin in the hole were the axles set in the 3rd member, if you don't see the head of the pin on each side---- some suregrip units did not have this pin to float the axles and have no hole for the pin, in which case you need to use the green bearings on the axles because they don't need to have a lash set, or the pins ( the pin itself is 3 parts, to heads with a spring clip in the center to hold the 2 halfs ( the pin is there to float the 2 axles with standard tapered bearings and transfer the lash to driver side axle, lash is always set on the pass side of the axle since it has the adjuster)))....... Because the axle bearings are pressed on, you will need a shop to do the install on the bearings...... this is true with both type of bearings.......


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