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TRYING to get my dash apart...

From: Adam
Remote Name:
Date: January 17, 2004


Or at least just the left side of the dash, on my '55 Chrysler. This is just about the last thing I want to be doing since it's windy and well below freezing out, but I've got to. So far I'm stuck on the heater control levers. I detached the trim plate that they mount to, but I can't figure out how to get the "knobs" off. My guess was that there's a set screw underneath the knobs that comes out with an Allen wrench, but I really can't tell. If it is, does anyone know the exact size wrench to use? Also, since this is to replace the speedometer, what's a substitute for Mopar All-Weather Speedometer Lubricant? I figured I'd just use 3-in-1 or something, but I'd like it to last as long as possible this time!


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