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Re: Disk brakes

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: January 25, 2004


I'm using an AAJ brake kit. I am SURE that it is only the front brakes dragging. When the front wheels are lifted off the ground, it requires 2 hands to turn the wheels. I know they should not be draging this much. Pads seem to be wearing out quickly, which is another reason i know they are dragging. I am using a stock rebuilt master cylinder and not the dual resivoir master cylinder supplied with the kit. I read that drum brake master cylinders have a residual pressure valve that keeps 10 psi of pressure in the lines to overcome the pressure from drum brake return springs. this sounds like it could be my problem. I was wondering if anyone has tried using the AAJ disk conversion using the stock master cylinder, and if theyhave similar problems, or if it should be working ok? I can't fit the dual resivoir master cylinder because it will hit the valve cover. Unless there is some way i can reposition or angle the master dual master cylinder away from the valve cover. Is the problem my using the stock master cylinder?


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