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Re: 62 Wiper Blades

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: January 25, 2004


All you should need is the wiper size, the blade with wiper will have a number like this=20-14,,,,, 20 is the blade (all blades are 20s), 14 is wiper size,,,,, not all the blades will look just like the ones you have,,,,,, if you use the hole replacement blade you will have to remove the old blade from the tip of your arm and install the new blade holder;;;;;;; wiper refills will have sizes like this 14-14 (14 being a 14" replacement wiper) and the only wiper refills that are not avalable from Anco are 12" (12-12 wiper refills), the 20-12 blades can be had till there stock runs out and include the wiper; there blade and wiper refills run from 11" (VW bug 11-11) up 21 or 22 inch .... now if your set had the dish to ketch the wind for extra pressure agianst the widow, no you woun't find those in replacement sets, but most of the other parts should cross. I know that this is the case back to at least the mid 50s....... I would be instersted to see were you found the set that looks like yours at the MS house because I have been looking for 12" Anco wiper refills that were used on Dodge trucks till the 67 model year.


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