Good Auto Restorer in Las Vegas??
Posted 2006-12-08 2:01 PM (#69402)
Subject: Good Auto Restorer in Las Vegas??


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Location: Tonopah, NV (actually 60 miles east)
Anyone in Vegas use a decent auto restorer. I don't want a show car just a good restoration of original car. Mountain West Customs no longer does restorationa dn I've found a few that door parts ... body and paint, etc but not a full restoration. I'm looking for one-stop shopping rather than piece mealing work out to different shops myself. I live too far away to make that worth my while. I'm going to swing into Arnone's on Plaris next Thursday or Friday but if anyone else has any leads on a good full service shop in Las Vega sI'd love to hear baout them.

Tonopah, NV.
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