Happy 10th Anniversary!
Posted 2008-03-07 12:09 PM (#118722)
Subject: Happy 10th Anniversary!

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Today is our web site's 10th anniversary!

MoPar people are by far the most helpful & knowledgable in the classic car world.  I am continuously amazed at all of you; how every day you all go out of your way to dig out dusty parts books, production records, and tech manuals to help each other out.  Kudos to everyone out there who takes the time to make the site what it is today.  You all deserve a big round of applause.

The annual special thanks go out to:
  - Benny Pultanovich, who taught me the importance of a network of fellow Forward-Look'ers
  - Todd St. Clair, for suggesting the very idea of this mailing list & web site
  - Tony Lindsey, for providing his "Seven important tips for running a mailing list" (FABULOUS advice, Tony!)
  - Todd St. Clair, Daniel Andersson, Richard Zapata, Jerry Bramlett, Bill McEntee, Josh Ackerman, David Wallace, Glenn LaGasse, Stein Erik Tveter, Jim Wilson, Daniel Petterzon, Ed & Jan Siarkowicz, and Pete Johnson - Our "Charter" Members (most of whom are still with us today!)

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