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Posted 2009-10-04 10:12 PM (#191237)
Subject: shrinking avatar

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Sorry, you've probably answered this before but, how do you go into browse your pics & shrink them to work??
I see the're suppsed to be 50 KB or less, I fiddled around so one said 46 KB & still wouldnt work. I'd like to participate more but have a difficult time w/ pictures. What are jpeg, KB, MB & all the other things one sees?? I'd like to post my 60 Dart w/ D-500 shot but to no avail.
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Posted 2009-11-17 9:36 PM (#197194 - in reply to #191237)
Subject: RE: shrinking avatar


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On a windows computer you can open your picture in windows paint, then use stretch/skew to resize the pic.
Also a free program called Irfanview
goto .....
This is a very powerful free program. You want to save your pic as a Jpeg, when you resize the pic you can choose
the size, like 50X50 pixels.... Good luck.
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