Hemi, the disappearing dog
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Subject: Hemi, the disappearing dog

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A few years ago we adopted a black lab puppy from the Yuba County Animal Shelter.  We put her on here to get help naming her. I thought I would update you on the stinker.  She has grown up to be a 70 pound lab.  Very loving and takes her job of hunting squirrels very seriously.

During the day we have to keep either Hemi or Hot Rod chained to the yard.  When we don't, Hot Rod convinces Hemi that they need to go play in a bad place.  The first time this happened they were playing near I-5 which runs along our back yard.  Some "nice" hunters picked Hemi up and took her home with them.  They did call Animal Control on Monday and found out that she was lost.  They called me to tell me that they found out by I-5.  I asked if she was in a field next to a wrecking yard and they said she was.  I told them that we live at the wrecking yard.  They offered to bring her back to us in a few weeks when they came back up here.  John ended up driving to Richmond (in the bay area) to get her.

The Highway patrol have picked her up and told her to load up.  She jumps right in to the car.  They took her to the Vet's office.  I got the call from a tow truck driver who knows us.  John had to go get her from the vets.

That is why we keep her tethered.  In the evenings when we are home we let her run and play with Hot Rod.  Both girls are good at coming home when the sun goes down.

Until last tuesday night.  I went out to hook her up for the night (one night I didn't and Hot Rod and Rusty got sprayed by a skunk.  Two days later she went after a skunk and ... well I don't need to explain that.)  Hemi was not on the porch.  I called for her quite a few times, but couldn't find her.  I gave up and went to bed.  As soon as I laid down I could hear her barking at the front of the house.  I got up and had John go out with me to find her.  No barrking and we walked all over the front, checked under the house and nothing.  We went to bed and "bark, bark, bsrk",  I got up and then took Hot Rod on a leash to "go find Hemi".  We stood out front and called for her and nothing.  No noise, nothing.

I went back to bed and heard her bark again.  I thought I would just leave her and she will come in the morning.  Morning came and no Hemi.  I looked for her a little before leaving for work.  John called around 9:00 and said they hadn't found her and they had walked over by the apartments, in both neighbors fields and nothing.  I called Animal Control, our local vets andHome Again (she is mocrochipped) to report her as lost.

Around 10:30 John calls and says he found her and she is okay as far as he could see,  He was walking along taking pictures when he heard a whimper.  He thought she was stuck under a car by our canal.  He was looking under a car and started hearing thump, thump, thump.  He stood up and was closer to the noise, so he looked up and there she was.  In the tree house our friend's kid had built about 6 years ago. 

While I called the animal control (yes they laughed) the vets (who laughed too) and Home Again, John had to climb up into the tree house.  He was handing her down to Al and just as he reached her, she started kicking and freaking out.  She bounced off of him and went sniffing around looking for the vermin who got her stuck.

Here is a photo of her so you can see it for yourselves. 


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Subject: Re: Hemi, the disappearing dog

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Have Lab will travel.

Hemi's like to run.

Since she's friendly, she's a social climber, and you can tell that she's looking down on you.

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Doctor DeSoto
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Subject: Re: Hemi, the disappearing dog

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Anyone who has had a dog knows there are only two kinds of dogs:

a. bad dogs, and

b. really bad dogs !

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Old Ray
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Subject: Re: Hemi, the disappearing dog

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Me thinks that maybe Hemi had an accomplice in this ??
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Subject: Re: Hemi, the disappearing dog

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Old Ray - 2014-06-14 7:52 PM

Me thinks that maybe Hemi had an accomplice in this ?? ;)

I don't think so. I once had a Basset mix that followed me everywhere. One day I was working on the roof and when I went to climb down I found him half-way up the ladder with his stubby legs wrapped around the steps trying to get to me. He weighed about 80 lb, so it was fun getting him down, and he couldn't get down by himself, so I understand Hemi's predicament.

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Subject: Re: Hemi, the disappearing dog

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I remember Hemi! Glad you got him back.
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