Fort Worth Goodguys Show
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Subject: Fort Worth Goodguys Show

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This is the weekend for the biggest hot rod and custom show of the year for the DFW area...the Goodguys Lone Star Nationals. I had thought about going, but remembering previous years, there might be three or four FL cars, and they would probably have Chevy power, just like the other 90% of the cars in the show.

I'll never understand why someone will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car body, suspension, electronics, custom paint, and interior design, and then install the cheapest, most vanilla engine on the face of the earth. And I'm not knocking the Chevy small block for what it is, but rather the owner's creative constipation when it comes to engine choice.

It sort of reminds me of one automotive writer's comments about Chrysler designs in the eighties. He said it looked like they began designing the car from the front, but ran out of money when it came time to design tail lights.

Guess I'll stay home and do some more body work on the '56 Plymouth.

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