ever happen to you?
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Subject: ever happen to you?

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Since My dad got me into these cars14+ years ago. My quest has/is been for 57/8 Desoto conv. Well unbeknowest to me at time of getting involved in these cars thats like finding that elusive needle in the haystack.
So about 5? years ago I purchased a 59 Firesweep vert. wasnt my car of choice but from what everybody says on here you find on ( no matter what year or make dodge plymouth chrysler desoto) BUY IT!!! so I did. In all honesty the 59 desotos have grown on me alot. still would like to have a 7/8 but..........

fast forward to about 1 week ago (4/21/18) I had a friend call and said hey there is a 59 fireflite vert downtown. Gave me the lead, called the guy....... to late went to norway day prior to me calling. Heres the kicker, it was about 14 miles from me. I have posted numerous want ads on CL in and around our area with pics of the cars. Come to find out it was ALL orginal paint interior trim top, and NO rust Also had less then 35k miles on it

Guy tells me "boy wish i would of known someone around here appreciated these cars would sold it to you" Sold it for 30k

such as it goes
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Subject: Re: ever happen to you?


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I'd be curious to know where it was advertised that the Norway guy saw it?

It has happened to me, I know they love them too and do a good job usually, but one I sold got flipped immediately at almost 4 x value, it's not always about the love... and kinda pisses me off.
It's now getting darn near impossible to find a decent desirable FL car for those that don't have mega-bucks.
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Subject: RE: ever happen to you?


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Well that just sucks.

I have a somewhat similar story but with a better outcome: I was looking for a car for three years (2010-13) that I knew was around here (Great Vancouver BC) area but I could never find it. Then one day in late Nov. 2013, a guy from Ontario posts that the car that I was looking for was for sale again and he posts a video of the car from the 2010 sale. I say, No, no, that's from 2010. He says, Yes, Yes, it's the same car and its for sale again. So I jumped on it and five minutes later, I found it on Autotrader.ca and called the seller. The car was less than a kilometer away from me the whole three years. I arranged to see the car, took a cash deposit and after a quick test drive, bought it. Still have it and have no plans to sell it (one of 1486 ever built and the only one in N. America at the moment). The collector plates on it cost me $181/year.

I wish your story had a happier ending. Hope the Norskie appreciates the car and doesn't just flip it.

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Subject: Re: ever happen to you?


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Yeah Wayne I see your "want" ads on craigslist all the time

Some old timers still know about some of these cars sitting in a grandpas garage.

I woke a car restorer up to the prices on these cars and he went out an grabbed a 57 Adventurer for 4300$ and a 57 Fireflite convert running for a great deal.

the prices for these cars have people digging deep now. I think in a couple years... its going to be very very hard to find a FWL car in the wild.
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Subject: RE: ever happen to you?


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I had my heart set on finding a '57/58 big body Chrysler or Desoto coupe. It took me six years to find a truly rust-free example, even though everything besides the body was complete junk. I found it on the local craigslist, and it was a 20 minute drive away. Funny how things work out sometimes.
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Subject: RE: ever happen to you?

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Similar story with a few twists ....

I had my heart set on finding a '57/58 big body Desoto convertible. It took me
six years find to one. It was delivered on pallets and required building back from
scratch using a lot of parts cars ! It wasn't just rusty, ... most of the unobtainium
parts were missing. Finding a truly rust-free example ? Now, that is good comedy !
Finding the missing parts took YEARS ! In the end, the original car was traded off
for another one. Both were found through tireless networking, 1000's of miles away.
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