Replacement Fuel Tank (Gas) Cap for 55-56 Mopars
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Subject: Replacement Fuel Tank (Gas) Cap for 55-56 Mopars

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I haven't been happy with my 56 Dodge's OE gas cap since I bought my car 2 years ago. I've been watching some on eBay but they were two pricey. Based on some info shown below, the OE part number for 55-56 Mopars (except Imperials with their hidden gas caps) was 1636 063. Based on a search on that number, it would appear that the gas cap was also the same as a wide range of applications, including 55-57 Chevies. On that basis, I had to go by the local "Old Car Center" that caters to Chevy and Ford guys. (I've bought window tracks and cats whiskers from them). I knew that they had a cap for 55 Chevs. I took my 56 Dodge cap with me and visually they were very similar - so I bought one.

I get home and try it on. VERY tight. But it goes on. And turns. ON. OFF? Not so much. I had to use pliers on it's top "ears" to get it off. I tried bending the tabs that grab the top of the filler tube a bit and that helped a bit but it is still very tight. Hmmm....

So I'm asking: Anybody been successful with an aftermarket gas cap for a 55-56 Mopar? If so, which one?

Here are some photos of what is out there, starting with the PN, 1636 063:

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Attachments FuelTankAndGasCapPNs_1636063.jpg (164KB - 121 downloads)
Attachments OE1636063GasCap_1.jpg (177KB - 131 downloads)
Attachments OE1636063GasCap_2.jpg (165KB - 125 downloads)
Attachments 1636063HillTop1636063GasCapWithApplicationListing.jpg (127KB - 133 downloads)
Attachments StantReplacementFor1636063.jpg (70KB - 125 downloads)
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Subject: Re: Replacement Fuel Tank (Gas) Cap for 55-56 Mopars


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You may want to try searching old tractor caps.

This next part won't help you but maybe someone else here needs to see it?
The 57-59 Imperial has a unique, tiny gas cap. Originals are outrageously priced if they can be found at all.
Search eBay for "john deere pony gas cap"
This is one of the first listings to show up
It's virtually identical to the factory 57-59 Imperial cap except for the finger tabs on top
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Subject: Re: Replacement Fuel Tank (Gas) Cap for 55-56 Mopars

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I bought a Stant G37 for my '55 Plymouth wagon. It too is extremely tight. However, the box does indicate exc. St. Wag. But, I figured if it fit other '55 Plymouths, it should fit wagons as the parts book doesn't show a separate number for wagons.
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