Show me your Battery Tender (Junior) connections
Posted 2019-01-03 10:36 PM (#576230)
Subject: Show me your Battery Tender (Junior) connections

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I finally admitted "defeat" and bought a Battery Tender (Junior) (tm) to maintain the battery in my 56 Dodge. I just got it today and so far I just have it hooked up with the alligator clip pigtail. However, I want to use the bolt on/ring eyelet pigtail and run the connector through the rad support to a point where I can connect the Battery Tender to the battery without opening the hood. I am hoping that is will work but at the moment, I think that the pigtail is too short and I will have to extend it to accomplish what I want.

Anybody else done something similar? (Again, I don't want to have to open the hood).

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