Any demand for a "restored" rear earred U-joint?
Posted 2019-06-09 11:21 AM (#583146)
Subject: Any demand for a "restored" rear earred U-joint?

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As part of my long(er) term project to replace my 56 Dodge's Powerflite with a cast iron Torqueflite, I have been gathering drive shaft bits (because I will need a shorter drive shaft - because the Torqueflite is about 3.5" longer than the Powerflite). I want to have the "new" shorter driveshaft look OE(ish) so I am staying with Ball and Trunion on the front. However, I am planning on swapping the rear diff pinion flange to a more conventional (later design) and eliminating the "earred" rear U-joint.


At this point I will have at least 2 "earred" rear U-joints that will looking for a new home. My intent is to take them to my NOS guy and get replacement NOS end caps and then sell the "restored" earred U-joints to help recover some of my costs of the driveshaft bits that I bought.

However, I don't know if there is any demand for these "earred" U-joints. I think what I have is the 1643 172 which is supposed to be for Rear, P29 Fury, D63 All, S23, C67, C71 w/o Power Pkg., except Est. Wgn., and C75-2 (See below).

I don't want to throw good money after bad but this might be good for purests who want to stay with the 100% OE look but need U-joint replacement


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