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Posted 2019-10-14 3:29 PM (#588827)
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I had the distinct pleasure to meet, chat with and purchase parts for my Desoto during the recent car show at Hershey this past weekend.

Craig not only had EVERYTHING I need to rehab the brake system on my car, his depth of knowledge was AMAZING! My cousin and I were both astonished at the fantastic customer service Craig provided each potential customer, making each feel as though they were THE customer. I met enthusiasts/customers of Craig's who came from all over the globe - literally - to buy parts, get top notch advice and purchase boatloads of parts. When people travel from Sweden, England and other far off places to do business with someone, I know I've found the place I want to shop. I met a man from England - Tony - who brought his grandson with him to share in his passion of the Carlisle and Hershey experiences and to introduce him to the "man with all the best parts," as he phrased it.

As I dig into the rebuild of one of the most important safety systems on my car, I know I'm doing it with quality parts, parts sold to me by someone who understands not only the need for first rate quality but my need to do things right the first time and to know I can rely on every part I purchased to meet or exceed what rolled off the Desoto line 59 years ago.

If you read this Craig, I hope you made it home safely after that grueling schedule you had going from show to show for weeks on end, traveling back to New York between shows to get more parts for the numerous orders you received, just to bring the best parts possible to the all of us out here. To me, that's the mark of professionalism!

Thanks a million!

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Viper Guy
Posted 2019-10-14 6:40 PM (#588835 - in reply to #588827)
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I concur with Todd's message above. I purchased parts during the Christmas Holidays last year and Craig busted his butt to get them out. Craig truly knows his stuff and has contacts that can help with things he cannot provide himself. Case in point, made to order emergency/parking brake cables. Thanks Craig!
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NC Adventurer
Posted 2019-10-14 7:05 PM (#588838 - in reply to #588835)
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Hey Viper Guy,

I am very glad to hear of another enthusiast who had a great experience with Craig. The networking he must be doing behind the scenes to provides us all access to the hundreds of thousands of seldom found parts must be daunting and extremely time consuming. Thankfully, he's there for us!
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Posted 2019-10-25 9:13 PM (#589281 - in reply to #588827)
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Hey guys,
Thank you for the kind comments --- and yes, my parts do seriously go internationally now....
Tony and Dave and Robert & Anne Draper from "across the pond" there in the
United kingdom have been friends and customers for decades.
I have my regulars from Sweden -- Bengt Berefors, Kjell Johansson, Tomas and
Marie with the 1955 - 1961 Chevy's, Tomas with the 1960s Pontiacs,
Peter with the 50s & 60s Caddy's, Lars & Monca, Henrik, Stefan, Stij,
Anders, Haugen, and many more....
Jamie and Michael from New Zealand, my large gang from Brazil
(Who speak Portugese), Michel and his son Stephan from Belgium,
And my favorites -- Belen and her husband Fernando Alvarez and Uncle
Ernesto from Oviedo, Spain, with a major shopping list every year....
But Todd was Number One this year having bought $ 1800 worth of
Goodies for his 1960 DeSoto Adventurer -- including all FIVE (5) brake
drums (we will let some of you figure out how there are five (5) brake
drums on a car!!!)
You noticed, Todd, that I do LOVE what I do --- hunting down and having
Phenomenal parts for all the classic and gorgeous cars.... I LOVE the
People, I LOVE the cars, it can be ultra rewarding....
Made it back safe and sound, thank you for thinking of me --- had to
Unload the U-Haul by myself (ugh!!).... my hired friend to help me bowed
out with some lame excuse. When he finally called to help -- and get PAID,
I had to tell him, "Sorry, all done, did it myself...."
Plus, I bought 93 sets of ++ N.O.S. ++ Asbestos brake shoes from
Terry from Georgia... I made him EXTRA HAPPY!!!! I was out at 6:30 AM
In the U-Haul, making room -- because we arranged Thursday evening that he
would bring them by at 5:00 PM on Friday night.....
And a regular passed by needing a bunch of stuff -- So he said "Oh, you're
not open yet..." I said, "I will be in 20 minutes -- I just have to make room
for 93 sets of shoes I am buying later." He said, "Only 93?!?!".
I said, "That's all he had!!!!"
Anyway, Todd, I have called you a few times this week -- but your phone
Won't let me leave a message.... Are you okay on wheel studs??? Or do
You need them????
Call me if you need ---- 516 - 485 - 1935.... Of course....
And thanks again, to you all for the kind comments.... You can tell I
Care -- and WILL bend over backwards to make it happen!!!!
Yours, Craig.....
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Posted 2019-10-25 9:17 PM (#589282 - in reply to #588827)
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Hey --- "Thanks a Million...."
Where did you come up with that line???? I like it!!!!!!
Yours, Craig....
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