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Trunk Lid Alignment
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Posted 2019-07-03 6:28 PM (#584409 - in reply to #298662)
Subject: Re: Trunk Lid Alignment


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you need to bend your trunk if the contour is wrong... it takes a fair amount of pushing...


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Posted 2019-07-03 6:38 PM (#584412 - in reply to #298662)
Subject: Re: Trunk Lid Alignment


Posts: 4140
Hood Side Contour Does Not Follow Fender
When the side contour of the hood does not follow the
curve of the fender, the hood should be reshaped.
To correct this condition, adjust as follows:
(1) Insert a small block of wood (about 1 inch square)
between fender flange and hood, just apposite the low
spot on the hood.
(2) Now, close the hood slowly. With the hands
placed just ahead of the block, gently apply pressure to
the hood.
(3) Repeat this operation about every six inches
until the contour of the fender and hood conform evenly.
Fender Below Level of Hood
If the hood has been properly adjusted and one fender
is still below the level of the hood at the front, the fender
should be raised.
To correct this condition, adjust as follows:
(1) Raise the hood, then loosen the bolts that hold the
fender to the radiator support.
(2) Wrap a cloth around lifting hook of service jack
and install under front lower corner of the fender.
(3) Raise the jack until the front wheel can just be
turned by hand. Leave the jack in place and tighten the
fender bolts securely.
(4) Lower the jack, close the hood and check the fit.
(5) Adjust hood bumpers as required.

Rear Deck Lid, Hinges and Lock
The rear deck lid provides a cover and weatherstrip for
the rear compartment. The rear compartment is sealed
against the entry of water and dust by the lid closing
against the rubber weatherstrip which is retained by
a channel around the deck lid opening. The lid is attached
to the body with two hinges and is held closed by a
lid latch and lock.
All Dodge cars have a balanced deck lid, made possible
by a torsion bar hinge mechanism. Lifting the
deck lid is accomplished with a finger tip—the weight

oí the heavy lid is counter-balanced in all positions
by the spring tension of the two torsion bars. (See
Figure 14.)
The deck lid torsion bar mechanism is very simple.
The torsion bars are long, small diameter steel bars
that operate on bushings on each side and are anchored
in adjustable slots in the support bracket. (See Figure
As the deck lid is raised, the twisting action of the
bars against the hinges causes the bars to twist, exerting
a torsional spring resistance that balances the lid.
To permit adjustment of the torsion bar tension, three
slots are located in each support plate, as shown in
Figure 15. To adjust rod tension, insert slot in Tool
C-3445, behind lower rod, then roll tool forward to disengage
lower rod from bracket. Be sure and prop
the deck lid in the wide open position before
changing adjustment, to avoid personal injury
in case the lid should drop. Bend rod toward front
of car to lessen tension and toward the rear to increase
tension. When lid has been adjusted correctly, lid
should hold any position when released.
The torsion bar bushings are lubricated at the factory
and should require no further lubrication. However,
if a new torsion bar has been installed, coat the bushing
with lubriplate.
To remove a torsion bar for replacement,
refer to Figure 15, then proceed as follows:
(1) Support the deck lid with a suitable prop, then
disengage the bars from adjusting slots, using Tool
C¯3449, as shown in Figure 16. Caution: Use extreme
care when removing bars as the tension will
cause them to "unwind" suddenly.
(2) Slide the bars out of the center support bracket,
then bow the rod slightly and disengage from slot in
(3) Disengage the bars from hinge and slide out from
To install torsion bars, again refer to Figure 16, then
proceed as follows:
(1) Slide bars into position in the same manner as
when removing.
(2) Engage bar with center support, then install bar
end in adjusting slot in support bracket, using Tool
C-3449. Install other side an like manner.
(3) Remove prop and check lid for operation. If necessary,
adjust as described previously.
(4) After adjustment has been made, tap ends of bars
with a hammer to be sure they are fully engaged in
adjusting slots.
Removing and Installing the Deck Lid
Adjustment of the deck lid is obtained by loosening the
bolts and shifting the lid from side to side or front to
rear. It is often possible, however, to properly fit the deck
lid by adjusting the striker plate, latch or both.
Should it become necessary to remove the deck lid for
replacement or repair, refer to Figure 15, then proceed
as follows:
(1) Raise the deck lid and remove one of the two bolts
in each hinge that attach lid to the hinge arm. (Leave
the remaining two bolts finger loose).
(2) Brace the deck lid in such a manner so as to hold
the lid in position while removing the last two bolts.
(This will keep the lid from sliding down and damaging
the rear deck.)
(3) Remove the last two bolts and lift deck lid up and
away from rear of car.
When installing the deck lid, observe the same precaution.
Lift the lid and slide down into position, then
install the attaching bolts. Do not tighten, just snug
down. Lower the lid and check the fit. If necessary,
adjust lid, then check adjustment of latch and striker

Correcting Deck Lid Contour
Incorrect contour of the deck lid should not be confused
with the deck lid being improperly located on its hinges.
The lid spacing across the top must be uniform but at
the same time, must be flush with the rear body quarter
The lid contour can be increased or decreased a slight
amount by bending, but when doing so, the space across
the top of the lid is also increased or decreased. For instance,
if the contour was increased, the lid would become
shorter whereas, if the contour was decreased the
lid would become longer. Each time the lid contour is
changed, in all probability the lid would have to be
relocated on the hinges.
To increase the Deck Lid Contour
Insert a rubber mallet between the lid and quarter panel,
as shown in Figure 17, then apply pressure on the lower
corner of the lid. Remove mallet and check the fit and
flushness at rear of deck lid. Readjust lid on the hinges
if necessary.
To Decrease Deck Lid Contour
Insert the large end of Tool C-3011 in the opening of
underside of lid, hooking exposed end of Tool under rear
quarter panel, as shown in Figure 18.
Pull out on the rear end of deck lid, to decrease the
contour. Remove Tool and then check the fit of the lid
at the lower body panel and the space across the top.
Readjust lid on the hinges if necessary.

Raising or Lowering Upper Corners of Deck Lid
To Raise
If either of the upper corners are too low, open the deck
lid and loosen the bolts that hold the hinge to the hinge
bracket. Insert a small fibre block under the low corner
between lid and side panel. Slightly lower lid. Tighten
bolts and check fit.
To Lower
Raise the deck lid and loosen the bolts as in the paragraph
above. Press down on top of deck lid at high
corner until correct fit has been obtained. Tighten the
bolts, then check adjustment of the latch and striker
Checking Latch and Striker Plate
Both latch and striker plate are adjustable, but better
results can be obtained by adjusting the striker plate.
The striker plate is adjustable to either side as shown
in Figure 19.
Adjusting the Latch
Loosen three bolts, as shown in Figure 20 and move latch
into proper engaging position. Tighten bolts securely.
When adjusting the latch, care must be taken
to be sure the latch is not moved away from

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