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'59 Plymouth Suburbans
Author: Kenny J. (Show all albums)

These are my '59 Plymouth wagons. I have owned the blue one since February, 1985. Until recently, I drove it frequently, usually three to five times per week. It has an AAJ front disk brake kit, an H.E.I. distributor and radial tires. Colors are 1973 GM medium blue metallic and 1973 GM light blue metallic. I have made no modifications that can't be easily reversed. I have a complete set of Solex glass & a tinted windshield from donor wagons. I plan to install the tinted glass when it receives its next paint job. It's overdue for a repaint (last painted in 1986.) I have included some images of it's 1986 partial disassembly and repainting. It's 1957 230 flat head six is very tired. Hank Dozier is modifying and assembling a 1956 DeSoto 330 V-8 which was to replace the six. but John Fowlie located a suitable, rebuildable 318. So the 330 will be used in the two door wagon. I have acquired some heavier duty torsion bars, an AAJ rear disk brake kit and will be ordering new rear springs, possibly from Eaton. I already possess the necessary perches for installing V-8 engine mounts and have a variety of rear axle ratios and three speed manual transmissions to match to the new powerplant, depending upon whether or not I install overdrive.

I have also posted some pix of my '59 Plymouth Suburban two door. It has a 318-stick. This black "beauty" needs some serious help, but should be a fine ride when it's done.

There are also some photos of the two "parts donor" cars. They were well picked over by the time I acquired them. They were both dismantled some time ago. I also posted some pix of my non-Forward Look vehicles.

During December, 2005, I acquired another four door wagon, a factory overdrive car. Initially, it appeared to be even more solid and much straighter than my blue wagon was when I first acquired that one. It turned out to have more rust issues than the blue one. Plus some lower body damage. I removed the engine , transmission and manual transmission unique parts. I then traded the vehicle to Big M for a 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Sundance. So contact Big M if you are interested....thanks for looking.
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Here it comes...another project car! I told Tracie to think of it as "pre-packaged spare parts."

The tailgate looks promising. Ever notice how most surviving Forward Look wagons seem to come from Oregon?

Looks like the trailing edge of this front fender and the leading edge of the rocker panel are damaged. Still better than patching serious rust.

This doesn't look good...

A bad case of sunburn. Common with vehicles left out in the Southwestern sun. Add natural sandblasting by the wind and soil erosion, hence surface rust.

Some obvious rear quarter damage. Also obvious is this wagon doesn't have an exterior spare tire compartment.

Looks like the overdrive handle is attached to a welded tab just to the right of the ignition switch. It is actually mounted under the dash. This is just an illusion due to the camera's angle. But there are sometimes subtle differences to be found in these cars. I have noticed minor differences among '59 Plymouth wagons depending upon which plant built them and when during the model year.

Well, at least I won't be bumping my head on falling cardboard panels or snagging my clothes on split vinyl and torn cloth. Why must some people smash windows out of old vehicles? C'mon, now...did Beavis and Butthead ever "score with chicks" by wrecking other people's property?

I have yet to see a stock 1959 Deluxe (Savoy trim level) Suburban that did not have a gray interior, regardless of exterior color(s). The guy I bought it from said the horn button is in the car.

Another flat head six! I like these engines for their smooth and reliable operation. But their ability to accelerate a 4,000 pound vehicle in modern urban traffic leaves much to be desired. Being an overdrive car, it should have a 4.10 differential instead of the usual 3.73, which may help.

Hmmm, I wonder if it had those round bumper pad thingies (steps) instead of the metal plugs? In any event, the holes in the top of the rear bumper are exposed. Notice one of the bumper pods is missing, too. The tailgate seems to be rotting at the bottom (common, even with "dry" examples, due to dust, leaves, pine needles, etc. getting down there and holding moisture.)

I haven't seen this puppy in person, but it is a straight, solid overdrive two tone Southern California car.Looks like the front valance is either missing or crushed, a common fate for these vehicles.
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