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'59 Plymouth Suburbans
Author: Kenny J. (Show all albums)

These are my '59 Plymouth wagons. I have owned the blue one since February, 1985. Until recently, I drove it frequently, usually three to five times per week. It has an AAJ front disk brake kit, an H.E.I. distributor and radial tires. Colors are 1973 GM medium blue metallic and 1973 GM light blue metallic. I have made no modifications that can't be easily reversed. I have a complete set of Solex glass & a tinted windshield from donor wagons. I plan to install the tinted glass when it receives its next paint job. It's overdue for a repaint (last painted in 1986.) I have included some images of it's 1986 partial disassembly and repainting. It's 1957 230 flat head six is very tired. Hank Dozier is modifying and assembling a 1956 DeSoto 330 V-8 which was to replace the six. but John Fowlie located a suitable, rebuildable 318. So the 330 will be used in the two door wagon. I have acquired some heavier duty torsion bars, an AAJ rear disk brake kit and will be ordering new rear springs, possibly from Eaton. I already possess the necessary perches for installing V-8 engine mounts and have a variety of rear axle ratios and three speed manual transmissions to match to the new powerplant, depending upon whether or not I install overdrive.

I have also posted some pix of my '59 Plymouth Suburban two door. It has a 318-stick. This black "beauty" needs some serious help, but should be a fine ride when it's done.

There are also some photos of the two "parts donor" cars. They were well picked over by the time I acquired them. They were both dismantled some time ago. I also posted some pix of my non-Forward Look vehicles.

During December, 2005, I acquired another four door wagon, a factory overdrive car. Initially, it appeared to be even more solid and much straighter than my blue wagon was when I first acquired that one. It turned out to have more rust issues than the blue one. Plus some lower body damage. I removed the engine , transmission and manual transmission unique parts. I then traded the vehicle to Big M for a 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Sundance. So contact Big M if you are interested....thanks for looking.
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A 1958 Plymouth open touring car? Note the saw resting on the floor board in front of the left rear wheel well.

Getting ready to cut off the roof.That is daylight you can see through the passenger side door jamb. John used the torch to persuade a door that refused to unlock.

Next to go are the remnants of the '58 parts wagon. This wagon's floor is rusted through in many places and is "paper thin" in most of the rest. Disassembling these two wagons, especially the '59, has been a good experience for when I get to restoring the black '59.

This is what's left of the '59 parts wagon. That's a pretty nice trunk floor. I am happy I haven't scrapped it. I had planned use this to repair Pink's rusted through trunk floor. Instead, I traded the pink wagon to Big M for a B body Plymouth. I sent this section along with the car. If you want this trunk floor, call him.

If you ever replace your '57-'59 wagon's quarter glass or window gaskets, I'd recommend removing the "C" pillar outer panel and checking it for rust damage or trapped dirt which can retain moisture. Sand and dirt can blow into every nook and cranny of these cars. And we have plenty of wind and sand in the Southwestern United States.

The passenger side quarter. Jimmy also needed the rear doors for his project. He needed only the outer skins, so we gutted them at my place before loading them on top of his wife's Neon. (Yep, he took two rear quarters, two rear doors and a rear bumper home with a Neon!!!!)

The solid passenger side front fender. The bondo at the bottom was to cover a dent. Hard to believe I couldn't sell, nor even give away, these fenders last year! They now belong to Roger of AAJ Brakes.

Look at all that roof post rust which was hidden under the stainless trim. I may use the trim on my blue '59 after its next repaint.....after treating my wagon's posts with POR-15!

I don't believe this is what the Pointer Sisters were singing about in their song, "Fire."

John brought out the torch to remove the quarters. I asked Jimmy (4wardlook) to snap this photo while I went for the water bucket.

Since the bottoms of the rear quarters were rusted through, my plan was to simply cut them up for scrap. One of our fellow Forward Lookers, however, needed them for a project.

The '58 parts wagon lost some more sheet metal on February 20th.
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