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Lisa's Firedome Fun
Author: Lisa P (Show all albums)

*Make sure you look at the oldest photos first* This will be one of those project cars that will never be show quality but nonetheless, fun! I am using the Firedome as a way to learn all about welding, fabricating, painting, etc. and since the FL cars are the cars of my dreams but this was the only one I could afford, it was a good fit. I know it will never be worth (in $$$) what I put into it, but it is supposed to be FUN!
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The floor or toeboard is gone and so is a lot of the metal from the large front mount. Hmmm.

It's coming together. I know, a frame-off resto is always best but I still need to get the floors and rockers together in order to even consider lifting it.

Extra rugged sill/rocker made from 14 gauge steel tubing.

Center core support rotten at the bottom, guess that would explain why the whole front clip was moving port to starboard and back!

Center core support fixed, painted and installed and the hood still shuts and latches! My girls all under the age of 4 years are picking the colors : )

Looks like I'll be learning a lot about painting, fabricating, bondo, welding, more bondo, etc.

I sure hope nobody was putting groceries in that. I have no idea what the sides are supposed to look like but I'll make something up...

Does anyone know how to make doglegs without a shrinker/stretcher?

Passenger side rocker and sill meeting kickpanel. Not much there either.

An indication of what was left of the rockers and sills on both sides of the car. The doors still shut despite the lack of stability.

This is what was left of the driver's side rocker and sill. Yikes!
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