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RE: [GFS] 1956 FURY

do you have to be illiterate to be on the list or just narrow minded.  get
two more people to agree with you and you guys might have a complete
thought. if you love is so pure you would try to resue these cars in any
condition.  talk is cheap. unless you are rich money is linked to
everything.  whether you save one of these to sell to another restorer or
the quality of the restoration you do. I have heard some high prices on
parts. but you have to pay to play. keep your girdles on gals and relax.
get a life.keep the Hitler attitude to your self. I said before that you can
kick me off. now I changed my mind. you two are trying to tell me that my
opinion must always agree with yours. wrroong!  now I will never leave the
list unless you kick me off. freedom of speech ever heard of this? if I want
your opinion I will tell it to you.

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  Jennifer and Will

  I agree with Jack.  If you have nothing nice to say get the hell of the
  Money is nice but you can't equate money to love of the '56, '57 and '58
  Plymouths.  Especially Furys.  They are very rare.  Even ones that are
  apart and look like crap.  There is still a heart in the car.

  So with that said.  If you guys have no respect for the '56 Fury you're
  talking about stay off the list.  It's that easy.
  John (Paxos)
  '57 Fury
  '57 Belvedere Convertible

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