Re: [GFS] Cast iron Dual Quad Intake manifold part #.
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Re: [GFS] Cast iron Dual Quad Intake manifold part #.

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, "Larry Stanley" <peerless@xxxx> wrote:
> If you had it on a 318 engine, then it is not for a Golden 
Commando. The 318
> engine with that intake was a Dual Fury V-800. The Fury in the 
engine name
> had nothing to do with the Fury car. All of the 318 engines were a 
> V-800 with different levels of preformance. The Commando engine was 
a 'B'
> series engine that had no interchangeable parts with the 318s. The 
Fury car
> came only with a 318 or 350 with dual carbs.
> Larry
  Thankyou very much for taking the time to reply to my question 
Larry. Obviously I donot have a 57 fury car. The closest thing I have 
is the before mentioned Intake. It fit quite well on the wide block 
318 in my 1967 Plymouth sports fury, However I trust your information 
is correct and  that I was wrongly informed of the exact origins of 
the intake. However if possible I would still like to know by the 
casting# if possible the aplication [car model] this intake was 
originally used . Thanks again for all of your help. Hagen 
P.S. Also if possible what is the approximate value?. 

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