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Re: [GFS] Build Sheet ?s

Yes Mark, there is a handwritten "F" preceding Dan's P29 engine number -
I guess, pending hearing from others, that's how they id'd the Fury
I didn't want to mention the handwritten "F" to see what kind of reaction
got from others - didn't know who wrote the "F" in?!.

Dan's VIN is 22291705, which is appropriately Evansville, same as all
Fury's.  Richard, you say it is not a Fury - why do you say that?  Dan's
body # is 404-E-1838 which certainly tracks in sequence with the VIN and
motor # of 211841.  All THOSE #s seem to match perfectly.

Any other thoughts?


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Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 7:48 PM
Subject: Re: [GFS] Build Sheet ?s

> Jack,
> I don't know about the rest of the codes, but on the build sheet for my
> there is a hand-written "F" preceeding the number-machine stamped "P31".
> Maybe someone forgot to write the F on your build sheet?
> My body type says F6, color says AAA (which seems to indicate Sand Dune
> White), and trim code says 349.  I, too, don't know what these codes
> translate to, but maybe they changed all the codes from year to year.
> I am replying only to you, since when i try to reply to the Golden Fin
> my email is always rejected by the server as spam, so if anyone else
> in with '57 codes, maybe you can pass on mine and we can get a
> Also, I have made almost certain plans to go to Livermore.  But like I
> you before, please don't advertise it.  There may still be
> especially since it looks like I'll have to go all the way by myself.
> may help me make a grand entrance, especially if I'm the only '57 there.
> Mostly what I'm worried about is breaking down.  So I'm probably gonna
> trailer it.  I'm pretty confident it'd make it, as I've driven it to
> Portland and back (almost 500 miles) with a mechanical friend with me,
> if I DO break down driving it, I'd be screwed.  But I'll definitely let
> know if something changes for me. . .
> Mark   mjh
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> Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 5:09 PM
> Subject: [GFS] Build Sheet ?s
> > Hi GFSers,
> >
> > Need some expertise on the build sheet for the '56 Fury.  I still
> sent for mine, but GFSer Dan Long did for his and has some questions (he
> does not have a PC, so can't get on this chat list).
> >
> > His '56 Fury shows a body type of "62", and got a comment back they
> unable to decode?!  Our body # plate shows 404-E-XXXX, why didn't they
> 404 instead of "62".  Does "62" mean 2 dr hdtp for all the model lines,
> i.e., Savoy, Belvedere & Fury?
> >
> > Also, his color code (along the top margin) shows 657 which Chrysler
> historical said means the correct eggshell white, but down below on the
> build sheet (old type computer punch card), under "Paint Codes", there
> punch out next to "turquoise blue gray", but nothing punched against
> "eggshell white" - do these paint codes refer to the trunk floor, body
> bottom color which was a bluish grey and not the exterior color?
> >
> > His trim code is 525, which again he was told they were "unable to
> decode".  Anyone with knowledge on this one?
> >
> > Last item is his motor number - it is shown as "P29", not "FP29".  I
> on the many 303 blocks I have seen, the stamped "F" looks like an
> afterthought stamp compared to the rest of the stamping, was the "F"
> on the build sheet?
> >
> > If anyone can offer some clarifications/insights, would appreciate it
> I will get back to Dan Long with your input.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Jack Lewis
> >
> >
> >
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