[GFS] 57 ans 58 Fury's did not get full throttle from factory.
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[GFS] 57 ans 58 Fury's did not get full throttle from factory.

Back in the 50's when I was drag racing my 56 Fury I loved stopping 
guys on the street or drag strip with 57 and 58 Fury's with 318 
engines and showing them that their cars were not getting full 
throttle.They thought I was nuts at first until I showed them.I would 
tell them to have their buddy floor the gas pedal with the engine 
turned off and then I would show them they were only getting 3/4 
Don't ask me why. The only thing I can think might have happened is 
the choke was partially on and it kept them from getting full 
throttle when they were set on the assembly line. After all, it was 
the first year for them to install 2/4s as standard equipment on an 
assembly line? I didn't ever check the 350 Golden Commando engine. 
There were not that many around at that time.So the next time you see 
a 50's road test on a 57 or 58 Fury 318 engine and you think they are 
faster than what the test shows in the magazine....You are probably 

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