Re: [GFS] Correct #'s
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Re: [GFS] Correct #'s

--- William Lewis <reatawhippets@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Regarding the discussion on correct #'s and what is
> incorrect - at least the GFS Registry tries to keep
> track of all the "going's on".  Perhap's our
> obsession with what is correct and not correct,
> caused the early departure of a so called "Fury" on
> ebay last week?  Don't know if that is true, but we
> do know the car did not have a Fury VIN.  And when
> called on it for an explanation, the listing closed
> prematurely.  The ebay car was a beautiful car - and
> nothing wrong with calling it what it is - but
> representing it as something it isn't is, is wrong. 
> Plain and simple.
> Sounds like Brian's car is all Fury with an
> interesting history to boot.  But, if that car
> evolves further into another replacement engine,
> then that is OK too - however, if the replacement
> engine is an LP8 with an "F" stamped in front of it,
> and no disclaimer made to future potential buyers,
> then that is not an honorable effort, regardless of
> what state laws say about it.  And, as keeper of the
> GFS Registry, and I KNOW about an "F" being applied
> to a plain old vanilla LP8 block, and have the
> chance to tell a potential buyer about it, I will do
> so.
> It is too bad Brian wasn't aware of us before
> purchasing his '58 Fury - not that he would changed
> his mind about purchasing his car - I probably would
> have still purchased it - but at least he would have
> been assisted, up front, on what his car was all
> about.  In the meanwhile, I am sure he is still
> proud to own his genuine Fury, one of the neatest,
> hottest and rarest of cars of all time.
> Regards,
> Jack Lewis
> Founder/Editor-Golden Fin Society
> '56-'57-'58 Fury Registry
> 1956 Plymouth Fury
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Hi Jack
Have been following this with interest.  It is a
beautiful car. I saw it on E-Bay and almost  put out a
bid.   Wish I owned it.   (just jealous)   This reply
was stated very well.   Keep up the good work.   Jill
Nelson, Ron Riopelle

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