[GFS] Fling Crowd
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[GFS] Fling Crowd

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Hi All,
Less than a week til Spring Fling!  And this being the first two day
it sounds like it is bringing a crowd!!  Yesterday afternoon I tried to
into the Chrysler Performance West reserved hotel, the AirTel, for which
flingers get a discount and it was booked both nights & it is a huge
So it sounds like a lot of "outside of SoCal" folks will be there as well.

I booked down the road at the Best Western Mikado and am hoping old Brutus
gets me to this meet!!  It better: new carb, fuel pump, plugs, coil,
two fuel filters and a gas tank boil out.  It has never run better, but
hasn't been on the road doing 75+ for over an hour and confronting grades
either, so I am still nervous.  (maybe I should have transplanted my newly
rebuilt FP29 that is still on the hoist having accessories applied?!)

Anyway, my confidence is building and hope to see many of you there!

Jack Lewis

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