Re: [GFS] 1956 Fury Tack
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Re: [GFS] 1956 Fury Tack

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Dear Len:

That tachometer "head" is installed in the instrument panel of the 56 
Plymouth Fury.  It is a one of a kind made for the 56 Fury.  I do not know
it will fit in the 57.  Stewart Warner made it for Plymouth, and also made
similar for the 56 Studebaker Hawk.  They may have made them for others.

You are missing a piece of the harness that goes through the firewall as
as the sending unit that is sandwiched between the distributor base and
These are very difficult to find as are the connectors for the harness.
may be lucky to find a tachometer from another vehicle at a swap meet
can be used for parts, particularly the connectors.  If you are not picky 
about being original, you can improvise on the connectors.  I have also
about these being converted to electronic sending units since the
are almost extinct in the market.  Those that have them are reluctant to
with them.

You should contact Tom VanBeek, a GFS member, who is very knowedgable
these tachometers, who reproduces the sending units, and has a very nice 
wiring diagaram.  Before you do that, be sure you want to install it in
57 since I'm sure that some modification of the instrument panel is
If you are missing a tachometer, you might be better off getting something

off the shelf in the current after market.   That would save some agony.  
Also, you may hear from 57 Fury owners on this who have other ideas.

John Teske

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