[GFS] 1956 Fury Tack
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[GFS] 1956 Fury Tack

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Golden Fin Society Members,
I have come across a 56 Fury Tack.  It registers 6,000 RPM, has Fury 
inscribed on it and has cross flags on it.  It has a heavy gauge wiring 
harness coming into it that is about 14" long with a three prong male 
Has anyone every installed one of these in a 57 Fury?  That is what I
What is missing?  I think there is additional wiring harness that goes
it, please advise.
What about a sending unit?  Where does it originate from?  Is this 
Are these tack units and associated components commonly available?
I will look forward to your feed-back.
Best Wishes,
Len Zimmerer
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