[GFS] timesaflyin!
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[GFS] timesaflyin!

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Hi GFSers!
About half way through stuffing envelopes for the May Newsletter, you
get them early next week at the latest.

Also, can you believe we are only 4 weeks away from the Nats!  We look to
have a nice turnout of folks and 8 to 10 Fury's there.  Hopefully, as we
down the homestretch, more will decide to join the fun.

Tom Mitchell and Jim House have been a big help to me in keeping this
going, and Russ Nardi got me pointed in the right direction, until his
career forced a move out of the area.  Also many thanks to representatives
of the Museum and the Courtyard by Marriott in Auburn Hills.

I will be bringing the Registry Binders, dash plaques and a couple of
camera's - am hoping to take souvenir photos of each of the cars and their
owners in front of the museum as well as other "Gathering" shots.

If anyone needs info on the upcoming Nats feel free to give me a hollar!


Jack Lewis

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